One of a kind and limited edition, reimagined upcycled art. 508-655-1942 or
One of a kind and limited edition, reimagined upcycled art. 508-655-1942 or
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Making Patina trucks part of our repertoire!


Using traditional faux finishes, we transformed a 2004 black Dodge Ram into a marvelously weathered Patina Truck with iconic flame design and rusty perfection. Attention grabbing, this truck finish is like a moving billboard for our work. Contact Arteriors today for more info or a custom creation. (508) 655-1942 or

You may have noticed recently a hot new trend blazing through the automotive world; matte cars and patina trucks. In the spirit of re-imagining used and discarded items into a beautiful and purposeful new life, automotive up-cycling is now part of the WE DREAM IN COLORS repertoire.


In other words, we've taken our paint box and ran with it. Patina finishes, like copper verdigris and rusted steel, are part of our expertise, so when patina trucks showed up on the radar we knew it was a territory yearning for our presence.

What is a patina and why is it amazing?

When copper, metal and other surfaces age with repeated exposure to the elements, a beautiful and natural character develops. Shades of rust, steel grey, iron red oxide and verdigris slowly transform the surface into a beautiful vision of weathered history. Check out these examples of faux patina weathered oars, made from PVC pipes, now installed at Boston East lobby, and our faux corroded and rusted steel used at Legal Seafood interior, Seaport, Boston.


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